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The purpose and philosophy of the Pine Bend Association have been to generate and develop friendship and good citizenship in the outdoor environment.

In addition to it's annual meeting and occasional special meetings or social activities, the association owns and maintains a campground on a central Minnesota lake. Camp sites have been developed and are available to Scout troops or similar organizations, as well as to members of the association for the purpose of learning about and enjoying the natural surroundings.

The association is incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization for the purpose of holding the property and financial assets, from which donations to such organizations as the Twin Cities Boy Scout councils have been made regularly. Having evolved from the Pine Bend Scout Club, which was formed in 1932, the association has a heritage deep in the Scouting Movement. The PBSC motto was "A Scout is Friendly"; the PBA motto is "A Scout Is Helpful".

Because the Pine Bend Association grew out of a common experience in Boy Scouting in the 1930s our shared values of love of the outdoors, comradeship and service to youth come from our strong roots in Scouting.

The vision and hard work of earlier Pine Benders has allowed us the privilege of camping at the club's beautiful Birch Bend campground. The property includes more that 300 acres of woodland and lakeshore, and offers members and groups of young people a spectacular outdoor experience. With the help of Boy Scouts and other youth groups our members share the responsibility for upkeep, maintenance of the grounds and preservation of the wilderness character.

There is another important aspect of Pine Bend Association. The club has an "in-town" life as well, including social events, a newsletter, charitable work, recruiting new members, and planning for the future.

If you would like to find out how to schedule your group for an outdoor experience please contact us.

The Pine Bend Association web site was developed to help you find information about the purpose and history of our organization.

Use the menu on top right to find out about what Pine Bend Association is doing today to help young people gain new experiences. You can learn the history of the organization and find out more about membership.

Our interactive calendar will show you the current activities taking place within the organization. Before you leave, take a look at the gallery where you'll find some great photographs taken by our members at our campground, Birch Bend.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Pine Bend Association, feel free to contact us. If you would like information about our programs click here.

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